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We're appealing for support to allow us to continue supporting talented dancers

We are both excited and proud to be launching the Young Dancers Appeal this month. We are reaching out to benefactors, friends and supporters of Young Dancers Academy to raise funds to support our students in what is becoming an increasingly difficult world for them to follow their passion.

Through this appeal, we want to raise enough funds to continue to fund the work we do, including supporting a large portion of our students on bursaries. 


“Through the incredible support from our donors, we now see past students dancing in leading ballet companies, performing in West End productions and carving international film careers. In essence our donors make dreams and aspirations come true! We hope that with new support in the form of our 2022 appeal, further children will have the opportunity to train at this exceptional school." - Kerry Williams, Executive Director

You can donate to the appeal below, including the option to make a recurring donation. We thank you kindly for your generosity.