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Pastoral Care

Twice a year individual meetings are held with students to discuss their requirements, to hear their views and keep them updated on their progress.



All dancers will be asked to attend a session with the school physiotherapist at their start of their first term. This is in order to identify and correct any physical weaknesses in young growing bodies. Individual exercises will be given and monitored throughout their years with the Young Dancers Academy.


Parents and the Young Dancers Academy

All our students are important to us and we keep parents informed of their progress. Written reports are provided twice a year but the school is happy to arrange additional contact if parents wish to discuss any aspect of their child's training and development.


Parents and Teachers

Parents are invited to meet with vocational and academic staff at the start of the autumn term and at the end of the spring term. We are a small school and place great value on good teacher and parent communication. We also encourage our students to discuss their wishes and concerns with us. Great care is taken to know and understand each individual student.

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